System Integration

Our concept of the “smart building” encompasses the idea of system integration, as it involves leveraging technology to create more efficient, sustainable, and responsive buildings for our clients.
At FMC Technologies we are committed to connecting and coordinating various building systems and technologies to work together seamlessly. These systems can include HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), lighting, access control, energy management, and more. Our goal is to improve efficiency, functionality, and occupant comfort while reducing operational costs and environmental impact.
FMC Technologies specializes in providing cutting-edge solutions for system integration, including seamless interface with legacy control systems. We understand the challenges that come with modernizing older buildings that are equipped with established control systems. Leveraging our expertise, we bridge the gap between these legacy systems and state-of-the-art technologies. Our approach involves careful assessment and compatibility analysis, ensuring that your existing infrastructure can smoothly communicate with the latest integrated platforms. Through strategic employment of gateway devices, data mapping, and tailored programming, we enable your legacy systems to seamlessly interact with modern counterparts. Our team is dedicated to delivering solutions that enhance functionality, energy efficiency, and operational ease. With a focus on comprehensive testing, training, and ongoing support, we ensure a successful transition into a harmoniously integrated future.
Integrating modern building systems with legacy control systems can be both challenging and rewarding. Many older buildings have existing control systems that were installed years ago, and these systems might not be easily compatible with newer technologies. However, with careful planning and the right approach, FMC Technologies has successfully interfaced legacy control systems with modern integrated solutions.

Here's a case study where we implemented
Niagara framework to integrate different systems

FMC Technologies leverages the Niagara platform extensively for seamless System Integration within our projects. With its robust support for Modbus, LonWorks, and BACnet, we achieve a high level of interoperability among various equipment and control systems.
Niagara’s open protocol allows us to create custom solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs, ensuring efficient data exchange and real-time monitoring. This integration not only enhances the overall efficiency of our systems but also facilitates proactive maintenance and optimization, ultimately delivering cost-effective and reliable solutions to our clients.

FMC Technologies - Case Studies

FMC provides turnkey Building Automation/Energy Management System and Services. We work on a wide variety of projects and offer services in many vertical markets. The following case studies highlight the diversity of projects we have completed.

Preventative Maintenance and Priority Technical Support

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