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Crafting Smart Spaces, Tailored To Perfection: Your Ideal Building Implementation Solutions

Custom Design and Implementation

Sophiscated buildings require top class building management systems that provide optimum energy efficiency, comfort, and security. FMC Technologies provides complete turn-key building solutions with Energy Management Systems designed to optimize building performance and leverage open standards and system integration for cost effectiveness and scalability. FMC offers full implementation services, managing system installation, configuration, commissioning and provides comprehensive training.

Open Standards

Our open communication protocols enable an effortless integration with existing building control systems, generating cost savings for customers and the open to modernize later. With our open standards, building owners can extend building system funconality easily without being locked into one system, providing them with the flexibility to choose products from various manufacturers when upgrading.
We install products from manufacturers that adhere to open protocol standards as their primary communications protocol. BACnet and LonWorks are the two most popular open protocols used in the HVAC industry today.

Custom Engineering

Our commitment to custom engineering in building automation translates to tangible benefits for our customers. By tailoring our engineering designs to the unique characteristics of each facility, we ensure that our systems seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure, enhancing operational efficiency, indoor air quality, and reducing unnecessary complexities. This approach also allows us to address specific needs and preferences of our clients, ensuring optimal comfort for occupants while maximizing energy savings.

Custom Programming

Once the designs are complete, we custom-program solutions that enable remote monitoring and control, providing real-time insights into a building’s performance and allowing for proactive maintenance. Additionally, our expertise in custom programming empowers us to future-proof buildings, making them adaptable to evolving technological advancements. With our specialized approach, we provide our customers with not only cuting-edge automation but also the assurance of a system designed precisely to meet their requirements, resulting in improved functionality, reduced costs, and a sustainable built environment.

Customer Interface

Our well-designed customer interface service provides building owners with data visualization, alert nofications, and remote access empowering them to make informed decisions based on the collected data and respond promptly to any irregularities or maintenance needs. We work with our stakeholders to design access from their computers, smartphones, tablets, and dedicated touch panels within their building.


FMC offers in-house installation and implementation services. We believe that successful installation is a critical step in ensuring that the BMS functions as intended and facilitates effective control, monitoring, and management of your building’s systems. We make sure that our installation process is well-executed and that the BMS functions optimally, promoting energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and operational reliability. It helps us lay the foundation for subsequent phases of commissioning, training, and ongoing maintenance.


Our goal is to ensure that the building operates efficiently, safely, and in accordance with the design and performance specifications. FMC commissions building systems with both point-to-point commissioning and real-time system performance commissioning to ensure that each device operates as designed.


FMC provides customized training to meet our clients’ needs. Our training aims at educating building operators, maintenance personnel, and other relevant stakeholders on how to effectively operate, maintain, and troubleshoot the various systems and components within the building.

FMC Technologies - Case Studies

FMC provides turnkey Building Automation/Energy Management System and Services. We work on a wide variety of projects and offer services in many vertical markets. The following case studies highlight the diversity of projects we have completed.

Preventative Maintenance and Priority Technical Support

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