Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss Out on the Mass Save BMS Incentives this year

Chances are you have heard about or maybe even participated in the Mass Save incentive programs over the last few years. In a nutshell, this is a ratepayer funded program administered by the major utility companies in Massachusetts with the goal of incentivizing customers to install energy efficient upgrades at their homes & facilities. You might not realize it, but you’re already contributing to the Energy Efficiency fund through your energy bills. It’s a fraction of a cent per kilowatt-hour or therm used, and these funds are pooled to support incentive projects. Taking advantage of Mass Save incentives is a way to get your money back from this pool while increasing the efficiency of your building. FMC Technologies is based out of the Town of Chelmsford, in Massachusetts and has gainfully helped many of its clients claim hefty incentives from Mass Save.

Why Building Management System (BMS) incentives?

The goal of these programs is to transform the market by helping customers install these projects in their facility by the masses. Once the measure becomes widely adopted enough, the incentives tend to drop off in parallel. As we see the incentives for ‘low-hanging fruit’ measures like lighting and VFDs drop down, we see a push for more complicated controls projects. This is reflected in the attractive BMS incentive levels currently being offered by the Mass Save sponsors.

Benefits of a BMS Upgrade:

One of the most compelling advantages of adopting BMS technology is the substantial reduction in energy costs. By fine-tuning heating, cooling, and lighting systems, businesses can witness a notable drop in their utility bills. The lower operating costs lead to increased profitability while contributing to the company’s sustainability goals.

The increased control that comes with a BMS upgrade can improve occupant comfort which often leads to more motivated and productive employees. Additionally, having a better level of control and visibility of your building allows for issues to be identified and resolved in real time. Remote access takes this a step further by giving you the ability to make adjustments or corrections while offsite.

Limited Time Offer!

The Mass Save programs are revisited each year and it is likely that the incentives for Building Management Systems will go down for 2024. If you are looking to replace your BMS, add additional sequences, or install a first-time BMS at your facility, now is the time to take advantage of these all-time high incentives. At FMC Technologies, we are well versed in the utility programs and can work with you to maximize your incentives – all while delivering you an excellent result with five-star service!

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