Solution Design and Implementation

Providing Advanced Energy Metering Solutions

Solution Design and Implementation Services

FMC provides complete turnkey building solutions with Energy Management Systems designed to optimize building performance and leverage open standards and system integration for cost effectiveness and scalability. FMC offers full implementation services, managing system installation, configuration, commissioning and provides comprehensive training

FMC uses products that support open standards which allow all building systems and devices to communicate with each other regardless of manufacturer. This provides customers the flexibility to extend their building system functionality with minimal cost.

FMC delivers custom programming tailored to the customer's needs, increasing operational efficiency, providing savings, and improving occupant comfort.

FMC develops customer interfaces with features such as remote access and trend reports, which help customers centrally manage and monitor building operational performance.

FMC can provide HVAC solutions that integrate with existing building control systems, generating cost savings for customers.

FMC facilitates solution implementation with project management coordinating our in-house engineering and installation teams.

FMC commissions building systems with both point-to-point commissioning and real-time system performance commissioning to ensure that each device operates as designed.

FMC provides customized training to meet the needs of the facilities staff and detailed operation and maintenance manuals to assist in ongoing system operation.


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