The Power of UV Lighting


How it Works

Through the power of UV lighting you are now able to prevent not only the amount of pollutants in the air, but eliminate any COVID-19 particles that may be circulating throughout your HVAC System. Through highly efficient UV-C lamps any pollutants that may remain in your HVAC system will now be eliminated with the power of UV rays. Without the use of any harsh chemicals these UV-C lamps ensure that your HVAC system remains clean and prevents the spread of any air pollutants, guaranteeing that there will be clean and healthy air spread throughout your building(s).


FMC has partnered with LightProgress to install UV lighting kits into our customers fan coil and air handling units. This specific model, UV-FCU-CL, has the power to:

  • Eliminate Microbial Charges (Viruses, Molds, and Mites)
  • Improve System Efficiency
  • Guarantee High Levels of Indoor Air Quality

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