System Integration

FMC is an independent System integrator.  As an independent contractor, we select from a wide variety of products and services and select the “best of class” for each particular application.  All our installations adhere to open–protocol standards as their primary communications protocol.  LonWorks and BACnet are two of the most popular open-protocols used in the HVAC industry today, but we are also experts using Modbus, Zigbee, and xxx to name a few.

FMC Technologies is an advocate of open standards for control systems.  Open protocols allow for everyday devices to be smart, completely open, able to communicate with one another and compatible with the Internet.  Open protocols allow flexibility to meet the requirements of all industries, and all manufacturers within the industries.  By choosing an open system, customers have the flexibility to choose products from various manufacturers when upgrading.  This results in lower costs because they are not locked into one system.

FMC has also completed many integration projects (both new and retrofit) where our products are integrated to an existing control system or an HVAC equipment manufacturer’s controller.  These installations have many challenges, and need to be carefully planned out for maximum efficiency, but if done properly, can be an important strategy for a building owner or manager.

Case Studies

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