FMC has been providing turn-key Building Automation/Energy Management System and Services for almost 20 years.  We work on a wide variety of projects and offer services in many vertical markets. The following case studies highlight the diversity of projects we have worked on.

Case Studies

Office Buildings

TJX Companies
TJX selected a Novar Building Control System to operate all of the building systems for its headquarters. First installed over twenty years ago, the system has continually grown with numerous facility expansions. The Building Management System provides energy efficiency and centralized management for monitoring and control. The system is still running smoothly and is a testament to the quality and longevity of Novar products and systems.

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Weymouth Woods Corporate Center
Weymouth Woods Corporate Center is a 100,000 square foot commercial office building owned and operated by Campanelli Companies. Campanelli selected FMC to complete a retrofit of eight VAV rooftop units. FMC’s solution resulted in improved air flow and temperature control as well as energy efficiency. The project qualified for a $24,000 rebate from National Grid making the return on investment about 8 months.

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285 Billerica Road
For this commercial office facility, FMC partnered with Prism Energy Services to provide a complete renovation of the controls by replacing electronic controls with a new BACnet DDC control system. FMC utilized enhanced sequences of operation to significantly reduce the amount of energy used by the HVAC system. FMC used Energy Star to benchmark the building and continued monitoring energy performance post installation to keep the building operating at peak performance.

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Hittite Microwave Corporation was expanding their headquarters to an existing 105,000 SF facility with rudimentary building controls. FMC was hired to install a complete Building Automation System (BAS) including Direct Digital Control (DDC) of all the HVAC equipment. FMC was able to integrate multiple products through a Tridium web-based front end. The flat open architecture allows for control and monitoring of all new and existing building systems regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol.

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Belmont Hill School
A private, college-preparatory school situated on a 28 acre campus with numerous facilities contacted FMC to integrate the campus control systems.  A wide variety of systems were in use and each building “stood alone” and there was no common operator interface.  FMC designed and installed an EMS that linked multiple buildings together and provided a central work station for remote monitoring.

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Chelmsford Middle Schools
The Town of Chelmsford hired FMC Technologies to replace the building controls in two decades-old middle schools.  FMC installed a Novar building control system which dramatically improved energy efficiency.  The central management capabilities of the new system provide simpler operation and a faster response time.  And, above all, the more accurate temperature control helped create a more comfortable learning environment for students and staff.

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Plymouth Police Station
FMC was contracted by the Town of Plymouth to install an EMS for the hot water system and air handling unit in the town’s police station.  By tightening control over the HVAC equipment, the town was able save energy while improving comfort in the facility.  Remote control and monitoring of the HVAC equipment was another benefit of the new system.  The town achieved the improvements with a minimal investment as 86% of the cost was covered by utility rebates.

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Flir Systems
When a leading thermal technology manufacturing facility sought energy savings for its facility, FMC Technologies found more than was asked for.   Not only did FMC Technologies cut their energy bill by more than $80,000 per year through the use of variable frequency drives and a Novar building control system, it also uncovered a utility incentive that saved the company more than $97,000. FMC Technologies’ excellent relationship with utilities is a great benefit to our customers.

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A research-based pharmaceutical company used FMC Technologies to install a state-of-the-art building control system to support its multipurpose structure.  To make the building energy efficient and assure a comfortable, reliable indoor environment, Sepracor wanted a fully integrated control system that would be flexible and easily upgraded or expanded.

The TAC solution developed and installed by FMC Technologies incorporated a wide range of third-party equipment.  FMC used fiber-optic-to-LonWorks routers and designed custom-built air handling units that incorporate LonWorks based controllers. The interoperability provides all needed features plus the ability to upgrade the system or add additional equipment with ease due to the “open” nature of LonWorks technology.

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